Andaman Islands are a place full of magical destinations, waiting to be explored. The most popular tourist destinations - Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) and Neil islands (Shaheed Dweep) which are administratively part of South Andaman district are located little away from the mainland in the sea towards east. Out of the two, Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) is smaller and is located 16-17 kms southwest of the Havelock Island. Opened to tourists only few years ago, Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) is just a tiny little dot on the map hidden in one corner of the Andaman Islands. If you look forward to a slow, laid back vibe, want to lie on deserted beaches, meet friendly people and snorkel or dive through the incredible corals, then Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) is the place to get off the ferry.